Laser Treatment Centre:

Welcome to DKS Dermato-Cosmetology Laser Centre. If you are looking for a top rated laser Clinique' you have come to the right place. Our laser center offers a variety of treatments including:

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Skin Tightening

  • Sun Spot Removal

  • Spider Vein Removal

  • Low Level Light Therapy

  • Hair Restoration

  • Weight Management

We have been doing Laser Hair Removal and many other laser skin care treatments in DKS Clinique' for over 6 years now. DKS Clinique' has been in operation since 2000 and has been spearheaded by Dr. Kalpana Sarangi. Our staff is all professionally trained and medically licensed to assure you a safe, effective and pleasant experience.Over the years we have added numerous skin care treatments and the newest rage, Low Light Laser Therapy for regrowing thinning hair. We thrive to give you the best to give you the best service possible and want happy customers. Check for yourself.

Many laser centers will claim to have the newest technology or the best laser out there. Beware that is just a sales pitch. All lasers do basically the same thing. There are just different manufactures. Lasers, like we use, are also used by your largest, top laser centers across the world, more than any other laser. The effectiveness and results are unmatched. Besides the machine you need Human Touch and an expert to advise what treatment to be undertaken by you.